What separates sexual empowerment from objectification

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What separates sexual empowerment from objectification

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п»їContraceptive pill: what to do in case of forgetting?
Forget taking one or several contraceptive pills is something more common than you think, but it is important to know how to act to prevent certain risks.

Since the pill was legalized in Spain, back in 1978, this contraceptive method has become the most used by women in our country. Its main function is to prevent pregnancy thanks to the release of hormones (progesterone and estrogens) that prevent ovulation from occurring. Although this is not the only reason why it is taken, because the pill can also help regulate menstruation, avoid excessive bleeding, or control acne, among other things.

The first pill is taken on the first day of menstruation and the intake is continued until the blister is finished. One pill a day, at about the same time. There are blisters that include seven more placebo pills, which are taken during the rest week and others that are not. So far everything seems easy and is something that most of the women who take it are known by heart, but what happens when you forget to take one or more pills? Depending on the week in which you find yourself, whether you have had sexual relations before or not, or the number of pills you have forgotten to take, we must take into account a series of guidelines.

If less than 12 hours have passed since the time of taking ... In this case, contraceptive protection does not decrease. What we should do is take the tablet as soon as we remember and continue taking the other pills at the usual time.
If more than 12 hours have passed since the time of taking ... If more than 12 hours have passed since the time you should have taken the pill, contraceptive protection may be diminished. The more tablets you forget to take, the less protection you get from pregnancy. The risk also increases if the forgotten tablet belongs to the start or end of the cycle (first or last row of pills). There are different methods of acting according to the prospects of contraceptive pills:
If you have forgotten to take a pill in the first week: take it as soon as you remember, even if that means having to take two tablets at a time (that is, although the time you remember to take the forgotten tablet coincides with the time when you should take the next one). Then continue taking the pill as usual and use another contraceptive method (condom) for the next seven days. If you have had sexual intercourse the seven days before forgetting the pill, there could be a risk of pregnancy.
If you forgot to take a pill in the second week: in this case the risk of pregnancy is lower. Take the pill as soon as you remember, even if you have to take two at once, as in the previous case. If the seven days before forgetting you have taken the pill correctly, it is not necessary to use another contraceptive method when maintaining relationships.
If you have forgotten to take a pill in the third week: in this case there are two procedures of action. Or take the forgotten pill as soon as you remember and then continue taking the rest of pills as usual. When finishing the blister you should start with the next one, thus deleting the rest week. Or you can choose to stop taking the tablets of the current blister and go directly to the rest week. After those seven days, start again a new blister of pills.
The tricks to not forget the pill
Taking the pill should become a reflex, like brushing your teeth, brushing your hair ... So take it at a specific time: before or after the meal, with the morning coffee, before going to bed or at the same time as another treatment , If that's the case.
A reminder: nothing better than the mobile! Program an alarm that sounds every day at a certain time to remind you of the shot.
Do not forget to have a blister at home and take another one in your bag, in case you make an unexpected departure.
If forgetfulness is frequent, choose to change to another contraceptive method that does not require a daily reminder. The vaginal ring, although not covered by Social Security, can be a very good alternative for the most clueless. Consult with your doctor for more information.

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