How to muffle the sound of a vibrator Can women squirt during orgasm

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How to muffle the sound of a vibrator Can women squirt during orgasm

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Vaginal dryness: risks and consequences
Vaginal dryness is usually associated with women who are in the age of entering menopause, but the reality is that it can be a problem for women of any age. Although most often it occurs in elderly women, especially after menopause.
During menopause the production of estrogen slows down in the woman's body and even stops. When this happens they usually produce a series of changes in the woman's body. The rule becomes irregular until it disappears, hot flashes, mood swings, a deeper voice, etc. are experienced. A characteristic symptom is vaginal dryness, one in three women experience this annoying change after menopause.
Vaginal dryness can be a negative aspect of sexual intercourse
Possible causes of vaginal dryness Vaginal dryness can also occur at any age for different reasons that have nothing to do with menopause. The lack of vaginal moisture can have a great negative impact on the sex of the woman who suffers. Fortunately, there are treatments available to alleviate vaginal dryness.
Normally, the walls of the vagina are lubricated with a thin layer of clear liquid. Estrogen is a hormone that helps maintain fluid and keeps the lining of the vagina healthy, thick and elastic.
During menopause, the fall in estrogen levels reduces the amount of moisture available and causes the vagina to become thinner and less elastic creating even a vaginal atrophy. In addition to menopause, estrogen levels can go down for different reasons at any age, for example due to these different causes:
There are more causes than imaginable cause for concern
- Childbirth
- Breastfeeding
- Radiation or chemotherapy in the treatment for cancer
- The surgical extirpation of the ovaries
- Taking medicines used to treat uterine fibroids or endometriosis
- Sjogren's syndrome (it is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the cells of the body that produce humidity)
- Allergy to medicines
- The taking of antidepressants
- The douching
- The lack of foreplay before practicing sex
These are some causes, but it does not matter what the cause is because vaginal dryness can be very uncomfortable for the woman who suffers it. In addition, it can also produce itching, burning and pain during sex and even masturbation and self-stimulation.
Dryness causes lack of sexual desire
The symptoms and consequences of vaginal dryness The loss of lubrication and pain during sex (after menopause or at any age taking into account that there are different causes) can make women feel emotionally unstable. The thinning of the skin around the vagina makes you feel pain more often.
This damage can occur during sex when there is no lubrication, even a gentle friction can cause great pain and discomfort in the woman. Painful sexual intercourse can have an effect on women and contribute to the loss of sexual desire. The relief of symptoms will help sexual desire and excitement return.
Pain during sex due to vaginal dryness can even make it uncomfortable for a woman to even sit, exercise, stand, urinate and even work normally can be a challenge. Vaginal dryness can affect a woman's daily life, regardless of whether they are sexually active or not. This can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life.
To make matters worse, vaginal dryness can also cause changes in the appearance of the vagina and vulva. It is common that the vaginas are different, but the lips could be much thinner than normal.
All these changes in women also come together with changes in vaginal discharge that also present variations. The vaginal discharge of the woman with dryness can become more watery, which smells bad and may even experience irritation and vaginal burning sensation. These symptoms can be worrying but are due to hormonal changes and are not usually an indication of something more serious.
In addition to being a physical injury, so is emotional
Emotional impact due to vaginal dryness Vaginal dryness can also have a great emotional impact on women who suffer from it. Changes in the body can be difficult to accept and the pain along with the discomfort caused by the dryness can make the woman lose confidence in herself and even think that sex is not as good as before.
For many women these symptoms can make them feel confused, as they are similar to symptoms that exist in some sexually transmitted diseases or even fungal infections. Some women mistakenly assume that it can be overcome without a treatment or without remedies, which will make the problem worse.
As if that were not enough, many women think that it is a problem that they must keep secret and this can lead to many problems of a couple, especially if women feel unable to explain to their partner that they are not interested in sex.
Itching or burning, symptoms that are easily detected
How vaginal dryness is detected A woman knows when she has vaginal dryness because she will notice that her vagina does not lubricate and that sexual intercourse can be painful if an artificial lubrication method is not used.
Women also, when they suffer vaginal dryness also suffer from burning in the area, itching and discomfort in the vaginal area and is sufficient reason to go to the doctor or gynecologist who can do an exploration and know what exactly happens. The doctor will take a clinical history and ask you how long you have been experiencing these symptoms and if there is something you do that may be aggravating the situation such as taking medication or douching (douching, besides being useless, can cause you serious vaginal problems, so it is better to do without them.) The vagina cleans itself and does not need to be done in any other way.)
Then, the doctor will perform a pelvic exam to check your vagina and see if there is any thinning or redness in the area. The exam that you will do will also serve to rule out other possible causes of discomfort including that there is no type of infection in the urinary tract. In addition, the doctor can also do some tests to check that your vaginal wall or that your cervix are in good condition.
It will be the doctor who will guide you and can guide you in the best treatment to treat vaginal dryness in your particular case.

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