How much is a vibrator

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How much is a vibrator

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How to use female vibrator

How to use a dolphin vibrator

Problems of joint custody for parents and children
Avoid fights by sharing custody of your children
Joint custody is the system by both parents participate in equal conditions in the upbringing and education of their children after a divorce or separation, dividing the periods of stay in an equitable manner, as determined by Article 14 of the Spanish Constitution.

In the current times, more and more parents with children who are separated and who both want to live the growth of their children in an active way, therefore, this is one of the reasons why joint custody is so booming .
The lawyer Elena Checa, of the Czech Lawyers buffet, of Almeria explains to us what can be the problems so much for parents as for children in a separation or after a divorce.
Shared custody as an option After a separation or a divorce with children in between, the parents consider (in most cases) what are the most suitable possibilities for them, looking for their good and the of the family.
The main reason why shared custody is valued as an option, according to Elena Checa, is that "children can be raised, educated and socialized daily with both parents without losing anything of their children's lives. his parents, the children will continue to maintain sentimental ties with both branches of the family, both fatherly and motherly, without losing relationship or the bonds of union that before the separation united them. "
Joint custody may not be good for either parents or children
In addition, for parents, shared custody helps them to become aware of cooperation and union, which has a positive impact on their children's behavior patterns. When a couple divorces or separates, it is very difficult to agree on what is appropriate for both, this causes the family model to be distorted and the consequences for the children to be fatal (bad behavior, pasotism, lower the level of studies ...) for this reason, joint custody also affects the parents who must take a responsible attitude to the current situation.
Why may not be good for parents? Joint custody after a divorce, may not be good for parents especially if one of the parents does not want to agree and facilitate the another shared custody. In many cases, according to the lawyer Elena Checa, joint custody has been granted with one of the parties in disagreement and the party opposing the situation, not providing information or necessary documentation of the children to the parent, which has caused a bad relationship between parents that has impacted the children, in some cases, these are between the sword and the wall and with feelings of abandonment when they have to go for long periods of time and "abandon" one of their parents.
Likewise, society is not yet adapted to this system. As a basic example that occurs in many cases: children will have a single health card, so if it is in the power of one of the parents and refuses to enter the other, it may have problems at the time of going with your child to a health center if you need it.
Another example is if the children are going to spend periods of equal time with both parents, they will only be able to be registered in a single address, which often occasions problems when choosing which of the two should be registered.
According to the Czech lawyer: "There are already Autonomous Communities that are already adapting to this system, giving facilities to both parents in such basic issues as it can be obtaining documentation of the children in duplicate after a divorce."
Seek the happiness of your children over yours or your pride
Why might it not be good for the children? This is determined according to the specific cases since, depending on the type of separation and the needs of the children, shared custody will be better or not. In cases of family conflict, in which one of the parents opposes this system, it is usual to go to the Psychosocial Team of the Court to evaluate the family group as a whole and determine which of the parents is the most suitable to exercise the custody of the children or, in its case, if it is favorable for the minors the guardianship and shared custody.
According to Elena Checa: "It should be noted that this boom of shared custody has gone from being exceptional to being a normal and desirable system, but it also leads to abuse on the part of the parents since, as usually each of them will do responsible for the expenses of children during the period in which they live with them, you can resort to request joint custody to avoid paying the other a food pension.
Therefore, you can abuse asking for joint custody not with the intention of living with your children, but to avoid extra expenses. That is why the reports of the Psychosocial Teams are so important. They help to unmask the true intention of the requests for custody and shared custody, because they provide a more detailed and profound view of the relationships of parents with their children and will be determined in a real and objective way, which is the best situation for the family union and the stability of both parents and children.

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