How can I improve my listening skill

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How can I improve my listening skill

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There is a big chance that all this time you didn’t really listen to English… What it means is that you have to be able to hear clearly not only words and connect it to meaning in your head, but also to hear the accent, word stress, and feel the tone of words and sentences being used, based on the context. Also, the context itself is something you should pay notice to. You’ll see how some words or words are being used in a variety of contexts and this will give you and chance to really know a meaning.
Your brain is most likely used to movies, TV, and music. While watching TV shows or movies, try to listen carefully. It will be well again for listening skills to twist off your subtitles! Really divide your notice and you are learning meaning and thanks by using them, but it distracts you from really hearing the words and all the details in speech. And those details are very vital in order to improve your language skills. Every language has something that makes it unique, and by noticing some patterns in speech it will also help you improve your message in English, ’cause you’ll be able to apply it when speaking. Subtitles mess up your focus - you are paying notice to subtitles and it puts you in a state of mind where you think in your language more than the one you are listening to. If you avoid subtitles and pay your thought to what you are really hearing, you will be able to start thinking in English. When it’s about starting to practice your listening skills, one of the most vital things is to start thinking in English!
Talking to native speakers is very vital when improving speaking skills! When you speak to someone who speaks “perfect” English, it encourages you and you subconsciously improve it.
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