Tire recycling is time consuming

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Tire recycling is time consuming

Сообщение allenlu » 18 июн 2021, 07:12

It’s absolutely true that recycling tires takes time, and so does reading a good book! The truth of the matter is that tires are recycled at the same time that a consumer buys another set of tires, new or used. This is not “time consuming” in the traditional sense since the customers’ tires must be removed in order for another set to be installed, so there is really no more time involved. If you are not changing tires on your car and happen to have some old tires on your property, you’ll need to locate and identify a proper drop point, where your tires can be properly recycled. A bit of online research can make things easier and less time consuming. Plus, it makes for a cleaner, greener planet.


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